Our Professionals / Founding Partner / Michele Laforgia


1984: Law Degree (Hons), University of Bari

1987: Admission to the Bar of Bari

1999: Admission to the Special Register of Cassation Lawyers

Michele Laforgia
Founding Partner


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Practice Areas

Our law firm provides assistance to natural persons, companies, public and private bodies, not only in terms of legal advice delivered by our experts in the field of criminal law, but also by providing our clients with general legal advice that, thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our team, can also play a role crime prevention.

For example, our Criminal Law Team boasts specialised skills in all areas of criminal law which is the highest-growth legal practice area. This includes industry and commerce, business, insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy penalties), tax, banking and finance, public administration, urban planning and the environment, the operation, provision, and delivery of health care services, press and internet offences, intentional and unintentional crimes of danger, cybercrimes and crimes against property and persons (murder, personal injury, stalking and harassment).

Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 attributes to legal persons a special form of strict liability regarding certain kinds of offences, giving rise to the possibility that organizations previously exempted from liability for offences committed by executives and/or employees- might be sanctioned operationally and financially.

In the framework of this complex discipline, in which rules of criminal, administrative and civil law are to be complied with, our law firm offers comprehensive assistance to companies representing them in court, and playing a role in any crime-prevention activity.

In particular, Polis Avvocati's lawyers draft the Organisational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and handle any preliminary phase thereof (e.g. the analysis of risks in relation to alleged offences and corporate needs, the mapping of corporate areas potentially at risk, the sharing of the gap analysis and the identification of inconsistencies, and the sharing of possible improvements with the management), and provide training programs for company directors and employees, aimed at achieving proper understanding and application of the Model in question.

Over the years Polis Avvocati have gained considerable expertise in matters relating to environmental law including concession agreements and environmental permits, as well as litigation and negotiation on environmental and energy matters.

Polis Avvocati also operate in the field of renewable energy, providing advice and assistance to all the stakeholders involved in the development, implementation and management of renewable energy plants (public bodies and local governments, development and venture capital companies, consultants, professionals, etc.).

Education and Work Experience

Law Degree with honours from the University of Bari in 1984, presenting a thesis on commercial law on the balance sheet of joint-stock companies (Prof. Luca Buttaro).

After a period of qualifying legal work experience in Milan, he was licensed to practice law passing the qualifying examination with top marks and awarded the 'Toga d'Onore' as first prize for the District of the Court of Appeal of Bari. He has been a member of the Bari Bar Association since 1987.  

For over ten years, he has been an adjunct professor in Criminal Law at the Postgraduate School for the Legal Professions of the University of Bari. He teaches Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure at the Forensic School set up by the Bar Association of Bari, at the Forensic School Foundation, as well as within the training and CPD courses organised by the Bari Association of Criminal Lawyers.

He has been an adjunct professor at the Advanced Course of Corporate Criminal Law set up by the Faculty of Law in Bari and the Master's Degree course set up by the Bari Chapter of the National Association of Journalists. He is the author of a number of papers on legal matters and a speaker at many conferences throughout Italy organised by universities, Bar Associations, the Scuola Superiore della Magistratura (School for the Judiciary), the Associazione Nazionale Magistrati (National Association of Magistrates), Confindustria (the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy), local authorities and public and private companies.


«Consapevole della dignità della professione forense e della sua funzione sociale, mi impegno ad osservare con lealtà, onore e diligenza i doveri della professione di avvocato per i fini della giustizia ed a tutela dell’assistito nelle forme e secondo i principi del nostro ordinamento»