Practice Areas

Administrative Law

Polis Avvocati provide advice and assistance in all areas of administrative law and assist individuals, businesses and public administrations in proceedings before the Administrative Judicial Authority (TAR-Regional Administrative Court, Council of State and Court of Auditors), as well as in proceedings that fall within the jurisdiction of independent administrative authorities.

The Professionals who make up our team have gained expertise in the fields of public procurement, construction, urban planning, renewable energy, health, commerce, telecommunications and financial responsibility law.

Corporate Law

Polis Avvocati deal with all aspects of corporate law with highly qualified assistance in commercial law disputes.

Our law firm offers ongoing consultancy services in the field of commercial contracts and company secretarial services, to support companies perform any transaction, both national and international, through the drafting and negotiation of the relevant agreements. We assist companies in extra-ordinary transactions, such as mergers, demergers, acquisitions of shares or companies, as well as in cases of group corporate reorganisation.

Our corporate consulting services also include matters relating to industrial and intellectual property law, including assistance in filing patent applications.

In addition, our team boasts over 30 years of experience in insolvency and liquidation proceedings.

Corporate Compliance

The global and interconnected environment within which companies are asked to operate is constantly evolving. As a result, national and international regulatory frameworks are becoming increasingly complex. In order to provide companies with tangible support with regard to their need to comply with cross-sector regulations and to adopt procedures to prevent and avoid risky or potentially unlawful conduct, Polis Avvocati have set up a Multidisciplinary Team to provide corporate compliance consulting services.

In particular, our Multidisciplinary Team deals with issues of compliance with reference to the internal governance of the company and compliance with relevant external laws, regulations, and guidelines. This includes corporate governance and corporate administrative liability (Legislative Decree no. 231/01), the European Privacy Regulation (GDPR), anti-corruption and anti-money laundering issues, national, international and European bankruptcy restrictions orders (BROs), as well as the new requirements arising from regulatory developments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and, more generally, in matters of sustainability.

In addition to offering ongoing legal advice, the members of our Multidisciplinary Team also provide training for both managers and employees and advice and assistance in disputes and litigation

Civil Law

Polis Avvocati provide in-court and out-of-court advice and assistance in all fields of civil law.

For example, our professionals deal with contractual and non-contractual liability - with particular reference to professional, medical and healthcare liability - banking law and financial intermediaries, succession and donations, property and enforcement procedures.

Labour and Employment Law

Polis Avvocati provide advice and assistance in matters regulated by public and private labour law, as well as in industrial relations and social security matters, and offers targeted advice to private employers, employees and public bodies.

In a constantly evolving regulatory context, our Labour and Employment Law Team, with their more than thirty years of experience and targeted expertise, offer effective and qualified assistance to companies in the management of all aspects of the relationship between employer and employees, from commencement to termination, providing ongoing consulting services and qualified assistance in the management of trade and labour inspection disputes.

Our lawyers also provide consulting services to workers, both in the public and private sector, and assist them in labour and social security disputes.

Our law firm specialises in agency contracts and in matters related to the management of commercial agents and similar professional profiles, dealing with the legal, tax and social security aspects of these agents, both in and out of court.

Our Labour and Employment Law Team provides assistance to public bodies in administrative disputes and in disputes before ordinary courts, advising on all matters pertaining to the management of human resources (including disciplinary proceedings, appointments, indemnities, public competitions, and proceedings for access to administrative documents).

Children and Families Law

Polis Avvocati provide comprehensive legal assistance in the field of children and families law in its many civil and criminal law aspects. The Children and Families Law Team specialises in both family mediation and court proceedings before the different competent Authorities (civil courts, criminal courts, juvenile courts, and courts of guardianship).

The legal assistance provided by our Team focuses on divorce and separation proceedings, settlement of parental responsibility and property relations between spouses, drafting of 'cohabitation agreements' and rights and protections of de facto (unmarried) and civil partnerships, as well as assistance in protecting the rights of minors and of persons subject to full interdiction or incapacitation or appointment of court guardians.

Tax Law

The Tax Law Team of Polis Avvocati - headed by Giancarlo Marzo (of counsel) - supports the taxpayer in all of his/her relations with the tax authorities, already at the stage of audit, inspection and access by Guardia di Finanza (Financial Police) and Agenzia delle Entrate (National Revenue Office). Our Team also provides comprehensive assistance at a later stage, including the assessment phase, with a view to cancelling or reducing claims made by tax authorities.

Our Team provides resident and non-resident companies, corporations and natural persons, with expert assistance at all stages of the tax process, in court proceedings and in and in appellate proceedings, as well as before the tax courts of the EU Member States.

Polis Avvocati's lawyers also carry out important activity in the field of drafting opinions - including pro veritate opinions - on controversial interpretative issues of domestic and international tax laws, in addition to dealing with tax optimisation, including cross-border, and tax compliance issues.

Criminal Law

Our law firm provides assistance to natural persons, companies, public and private bodies, not only in terms of legal advice delivered by our experts in the field of criminal law, but also by providing our clients with general legal advice that, thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our team, can also play a role crime prevention.

For example, our Criminal Law Team boasts specialised skills in all areas of criminal law which is the highest-growth legal practice area. This includes industry and commerce, business, insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy penalties), tax, banking and finance, public administration, urban planning and the environment, the operation, provision, and delivery of health care services, press and internet offences, intentional and unintentional crimes of danger, cybercrimes and crimes against property and persons (murder, personal injury, stalking and harassment).

POLIS AVVOCATI S.T.A. COOP covers the following areas of expertise

Environmental and Natural Resources (Energy) Law

Over the years Polis Avvocati have gained considerable expertise in matters relating to environmental law including concession agreements and environmental permits, as well as litigation and negotiation on environmental and energy matters.

Polis Avvocati also operate in the field of renewable energy, providing advice and assistance to all the stakeholders involved in the development, implementation and management of renewable energy plants (public bodies and local governments, development and venture capital companies, consultants, professionals, etc.).

Food Law

The agri-food sector has long represented one of the key fields of activity for the lawyers at Polis Avvocati who provide leading national and international food processors with assistance in trading, negotiation and settlement, as well as representation in in-court and out-of-court dispute resolution, product conformity, safety, healthiness and labelling of foodstuffs, organic produce production and supply chain, PGI and PDO, food processor liability, and also in matters concerning subsidies made available under the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Corporate Liability (L.231/01)

Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 attributes to legal persons a special form of strict liability regarding certain kinds of offences, giving rise to the possibility that organizations previously exempted from liability for offences committed by executives and/or employees- might be sanctioned operationally and financially.

In the framework of this complex discipline, in which rules of criminal, administrative and civil law are to be complied with, our law firm offers comprehensive assistance to companies representing them in court, and playing a role in any crime-prevention activity.

In particular, Polis Avvocati's lawyers draft the Organisational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and handle any preliminary phase thereof (e.g. the analysis of risks in relation to alleged offences and corporate needs, the mapping of corporate areas potentially at risk, the sharing of the gap analysis and the identification of inconsistencies, and the sharing of possible improvements with the management), and provide training programs for company directors and employees, aimed at achieving proper understanding and application of the Model in question.

Data Protection & Privacy

The progressive and unstoppable process of digitization, i.e., the process of converting information into a digital format, the technological advances in data processing and transmission systems, and the continuous development of new media and new forms of communication, make more topical than ever the need to process personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner, and to proceed to relevant checks.

As a result, we are witnessing an exponential increase i) in the number of cases reported to the Judicial Authorities for criminal offences linked to unlawful data processing, as well as ii) in the number of penalties and fines issued at the end of proceedings falling within the jurisdiction of the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Polis Avvocati provide consultancy services and assistance to Public Administration Organizations, Public Bodies, Companies, professionals and citizens, with the aim of protecting them in case of unlawful use of personal data, and of setting up, checking and constantly improving data management systems designed to process information in compliance with the regulations in force.