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2013: Law Degree (Hons), University of Bari

2017: Admission to the Bar of Bari

Veronica Colella


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Practice Areas

Polis Avvocati provide in-court and out-of-court advice and assistance in all fields of civil law.

For example, our professionals deal with contractual and non-contractual liability - with particular reference to professional, medical and healthcare liability - banking law and financial intermediaries, succession and donations, property and enforcement procedures.

Polis Avvocati provide advice and assistance in matters regulated by public and private labour law, as well as in industrial relations and social security matters, and offers targeted advice to private employers, employees and public bodies.

In a constantly evolving regulatory context, our Labour and Employment Law Team, with their more than thirty years of experience and targeted expertise, offer effective and qualified assistance to companies in the management of all aspects of the relationship between employer and employees, from commencement to termination, providing ongoing consulting services and qualified assistance in the management of trade and labour inspection disputes.

Our lawyers also provide consulting services to workers, both in the public and private sector, and assist them in labour and social security disputes.

Our law firm specialises in agency contracts and in matters related to the management of commercial agents and similar professional profiles, dealing with the legal, tax and social security aspects of these agents, both in and out of court.

Our Labour and Employment Law Team provides assistance to public bodies in administrative disputes and in disputes before ordinary courts, advising on all matters pertaining to the management of human resources (including disciplinary proceedings, appointments, indemnities, public competitions, and proceedings for access to administrative documents).

Education and Work Experience

Law Degree, with honours, from the University of Bari in 2013, presenting a thesis on criminal law on "Aiding and abetting mafia-type organizations (from the outside)".

She started her training at this law firm and qualified as a lawyer in 2017.

She is a labour and employment lawyer and a civil lawyer with specific expertise in the management of movable properties and real estate procedures, as well as in proceedings for the validation of eviction and end of tenancy orders.


«Consapevole della dignità della professione forense e della sua funzione sociale, mi impegno ad osservare con lealtà, onore e diligenza i doveri della professione di avvocato per i fini della giustizia ed a tutela dell’assistito nelle forme e secondo i principi del nostro ordinamento»